Hello, I hope all of you are safe in the current ongoing situation regarding COVID-19.

We understand that businesses are currently going through a transformation of finding new ways to continue their operations.

While the world is getting ready for survival and finding the cure, we all have a role to play, come together, and find new ways to transform our businesses to continue our operations.

Our leadership team understands that businesses across the globe are trying to keep their employee's and family's health and safety as their number 1 priority, trying to find new and cost-effective ways to continue the operations.

We are thinking proactively, acting with agility and empathy to assist and stand by both our employees and customers during these tough times. We are in your shoes and would like to stand by you.

We want to offer business transformational services at no cost for 90 days from the date of execution (for all contracts which will get executed before the March 31st, 2021).

We specialize in digital transformational products & services which guarantee 60-75% operational savings which will not only "fund itself" but you will be able to repurpose most of these savings to help other business needs in this crisis time.

We are offering : Deferred Payment for 90 days, 50% discount on the Deployment Costs, and 2 weeks of free remote assessment.

Our remote customer success & delivery teams are ready to act with agility and provide the right support strategy given the current situation. We are here to help and partner up with you in your business transformational journey.

Please stay safe and we look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Sincerely,
  • Jai Chitkara
  • CEO, KTech Products
  • info@KTechProducts.com


  • 50% discount on the Deployment Cost

  • Deferred Payment for 90 days

  • 2 weeks of free remote assessment

Products & Services

AP Invoice & PO Reconciliation Automation

2-4 Weeks Deployment with ROI in 3-5 months

Repurpose 60-70% savings to help your other side of the business

AR/Billing Automation

2-4 Weeks Deployment with ROI in 1-3 months

Improve cash flow & cash collection

Repurpose 60-75% savings to help your other side of the business

Test Automation for Traditional and SaaS-based ERPs

PeopleSoft, SAP S4 HANA, Oracle Cloud, Workday & Salesforce

1-2 months with immediate ROI and up to 80% cost savings on each subsequent testing

Customer Care & Help Desk Chatbot like Alexa/Siri, 24 by 7 service

2-3 months Deployment with ROI in 3-5 months followed by 60-75% saving month on month

L1/L2 Hybrid Support

Customer Care Smart Chatbot for Students & Staff, 24 by 7 service

Boost Student Enrollment and improve student retention

1-3 months Deployment L1/L2 Hybrid Support

Infrastructure Provisioning & Patching Automation

21-2 months with immediate ROI and up to 80% cost saving